Live Assessor Agent

Regional Resource Group has invested in REVEchat to bring local government cutting edge technology that provides residents with live, person-to-person sessions using online chat, voice, and video. RRG’s staff appear to your residents in real time answering their questions anytime during the work week. RRG Staff and residents can share files back and forth, cobrowse, or screen share. RRG’s remote expert help desk provides towns with the next best thing to “across the counter, encounter.” Many of our Municipal clients are anxious to show constituents that their city or town is moving in the direction of smarter, leaner, and more responsive government. Regional Resource Group can make this happen for your municipality using this technology.

Professional Outsourcing

Many offices are served by an assessor, but require assistance in specific areas. RRG Inc staff members are available to serve as specialists assisting with such tasks as residential market modeling, commercial/industrial appraisal, personal property valuation, tax appeals, GIS and IT support.

Tax Recap & Tax Rate Setting

Several of our clients first came to RRG Inc late in the year needing assistance with tax rate setting in the eleventh hour. Negotiating the myriad steps in getting to tax rate approval frustrates many Boards of Assessors, and even stresses veteran assessors. RRG Inc staff can assist your community with compiling new revenue growth numbers, preparing for and attending tax rate classification hearings, and preparing the assessors portion of the annual Department of Revenue report (in Massachusetts this is the Annual Recap). We will also assist in the preparation of tax billing files.

Periodic/Cyclical Inspections

RRG Inc has the experience you need to assist with your periodic/cyclical inspections. We know the importance of good, clean, accurate data. Our experienced staff will take the care and time needed to makes sure this process goes smoothly. The advantage RRG Inc has is experience on all the CAMA systems, ongoing training on data collection and years of combined assessing/appraisal experience. We believe we have the affordable solution for your community.


At RRG Inc we believe that the revaluation process entails much more than estimating property values. While we will bid on a traditional revaluation contract, we encourage prospective clients to consider the added value we bring in working with you throughout the year. A continuous relationship over time leads to improved assessments. Mass appraisers simply can’t do a credible job without becoming intimately familiar with your community and its unique properties.

RRG Inc assessor/appraisers are also available to assist with special revaluation assignments including residential modeling and table updates, commercial and industrial appraisals, and personal property.

RRG Inc also offers assistance and mentoring to staff wanting to conduct in-house revaluations. We can supplement on-site, phone, and e-mail assistance with access to our analytical tools, report templates, and certification report outlines. We will help walk you through a successful revaluation and certification program.

Operational Audits

Is your assessors’ office understaffed? Is your office being subjected to public criticism? Do your office operations reflect the best practices of the tax assessment industry? RRG Inc can answer questions like these by conducting an operational audit. Areas for focused study include manpower needs assessment, office productivity, staff knowledge and training assessments, technology utilization, customer (taxpayer) satisfaction surveys, data and assessment quality.

Tax Appeals & Defense

RRG Inc has the experience you need to assist with your tax appeal workload. Many assessors find the thought of going to court intimidating. Often too, cases get scheduled during the most inopportune times. With experience representing towns in hundreds of cases, we bring to bear the experience you need to resolve your cases.

Our process for resolving your cases includes gathering the relevant assessment and appeals documents, conducting a property inspection, meeting with the taxpayers to understand their concerns, preparing a findings report, meeting with the Board of Assessors to discuss findings and recommendations, negotiating potential settlements with taxpayers, and if required, preparing a valuation defense summary report and representing the town as an expert witness. RRG Inc will assign a licensed assessor/appraiser with substantial assessment appeals experience to your case.